• Environment

    Environmental protection is our responsibility. Protecting and optimizing the environment while developing is the premise of sustainable development of AIRpipe. In production and service, we will gradually improve energy efficiency, reduce harmful substances, strengthen waste recycling, and minimize the impact of company activities on the environment.

  • Responsibility

    Social responsibility is particularly important while an enterprise development. We support and respect the laws and culture of each country, participate in and support a number of social voluntary activities, organize and encourage employees to participate in social activities, and make positive contributions to society through our strength.

  • Employee

    Except fair salary, diversified social and company benefits, we also provide employees with a variety of learning opportunities, improve their self-abilities and literacy, and get more opportunities for development. We have opened a variety of channels to listen to the voices of employees, communicate and trust, strengthen the construction of corporate culture, no borders, no cultural differences, to meet the general needs of our employees.

  • Product

    Through continuous practice and accumulation of experience, we focus on product R&D and innovation, improve product performance and efficiency, reduce customers' comprehensive costs, reduce consumption of materials, resources and energy. We have many patented technologies, and this data is constantly updated. Our products have passed ISO8573-1 pipeline cleanliness calss 1 certification, DS certification, TUV pressure certification, FDA, etc.. Through product innovation and high quality requirements, keep the enterprise sustainable development.