AIRpipe specializes in solutions for compressed air and fluids distribution. Through out the last 10 years, we have continued to invest in R&D, by taking into account market feedback and real-world conditions, our technology has gone through several stages of evolution. Today, We have two series of products: AIRpipe aluminum pipe system, AQUApipe stainless steel pipe system, all products are complying with domestic and international standards (eg patent certificates, special equipment manufacturing license, DS certification, TUV pressure certification, ISO8573-1 pipeline cleanliness class 1 certification, FDA, etc.). The new generation of products are engineered to be the most superior products available.

More than 31,000m2 layout, 100% ownership of manufacturing plants, R&D center, office, logistic center. We're committed to your total solution provider for products, system design, engineering proposal and installations.

Our products are utilized globally for all compressed air, inert gas, water and fluid applications.


Our strategy focuses on helping users improve their energy consumption and provide high-quality fluid transmission solutions. AIRpipe can provide fluid delivery services in major industrialized countries around the world, and become high-quality partners for global customers.
With the two major product systems of AIRpipe and AQUApipe, combining with the actual demands of customers, we provide leading products, services and solutions through continuous R&D and innovation.
Continues to expand the global network distribution of AIRpipe, so that customers can enjoy one-stop professional and efficient services while using high-quality products.

Company Values

Core Value:Engineered for Superior Performance

Excellent Product:Improve product quality through continuous practice and R&D

Excellent Service:Keep timely services and provide high-quality services

Excellent Staff:Pay attention to the continuous improvement of staff ability and overall quality