01.Connection Technology

02.Sealing Advantages

AQUApipe are utilized globally for typical industry and civil applications. Consult AQUApipe for selection of stainless steel grade and sealing type: Compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen & other inert gasses, saturated steam, fuel & oil, sea water, heating pump, cooling water, solar water connections, fire water, etc..

AQUApipe can meet your diverse needs

By manufacturing high quality 304 / 316 stainless steel pipe, 

developing superior performance connections, and choosing 

different sealing materials to meet the professional needs of 

customers in various fields.

03.Product Advantages

1. International standards 304/316 stainless steel.
2. Premium quality for water, air/ gas and other compatible fluids.
3. Widely used in industries like food & beverage, medical & chemical productions, pharmacy etc.
1. Wide temperature range by working with proper sealing.
2. Moderate expansion characteristics & high tensile strength.
3. No risk of breaking due to water freezing.
1. 10 years warranty for all AQUApipe & fittings.  
2. Stability for all weather conditions.
3. “Soft” connection can absorb 2-3mm expansion/ contraction.

1. Corrosion resistance due to chromium dioxide layer.
2. Smooth inner surface ensure best flow characteristics.
3. No risk on pollution into fluids.