【Application】AIRpipe help to solve your diverse fluid transmission requirements


This is a project with an investment of more than € 50 million in Europe, their products will be

supplied to beer breweries and soft drinks manufactures. AIRpipe help this project to solve its diverse

fluid transmission requirements.

1. Compressed air: AIRpipe blue aluminum pipes DN20-200;
2. Vacuum: AIRpipe gray aluminum pipes DN20-200;
3. Process waters: AQUApipe stainless steel 304 and EPDM seal DN20-150; (Incloud: Reverse

 Osmosis Water, Process Water Supply, Hot Water (supply & return, need to be insulated), Cooling

 Water (supply & return, need to be insulated), Deionized Water);
4. Die coolant and oil: AQUApipe stainless steel 304 and FKM seal DN25-250; (Incloud: Die Coolant

 (supply & return, DCS need to be insulated), Die Coolant Return Trench, Soluble Oil Waste).

Rely on professional installation team, quick deliveries from AIRpipe Europe's local warehouses, we

completed the installation of this project in a timely and effective manner.

Thanks for the customer's approval of our products.

And thanks for the beautiful pictures.