【Exhibition】Welcome to visit ComVac Asia in Shanghai, China, from October 23 to 26.


Visit AIRpipe: N3, C2

AIRpipe's been engaged in ComVac for many years, this time we will bring more innovative 

and intuitive experience to customers through our main production lines AIRpipe and AQUApipe.

AIRpipe's products are utilized globally for all compressed air, vacuum, inert gas, and fluid 

applications. It is suitable for various of industries, like Automotive, Foods, Aerospace, Medical 

Treatment, Textile, Electronic & Optical, Rail Transit, Beverage … Up to now, we have served 

more than 26,000 customers all over the world.

AQUApipe's products are utilized globally for typical industry and civil applications. Based on 

selection of stainless steel grade and sealing type, it can be used for: Compressed air, 

vacuum, nitrogen & other inert gasses, saturated steam, fuel & oil, sea water, drinking water, 

gas supply, heating water, heating pump, cooing water, solar water connections, fire water, etc.

Visit AIRpipe on Hall N3, Booth C2, let's help you to reduce your installation & operating costs and improve your overall efficiency & productivity.